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Sunday School


All children from three-year-olds through fifth grade are invited to attend Sunday School classes.  We offer three classes designed to target children at each of their developmental stages. Each class has a team of volunteer teachers and clergy that will work with the children throughout the year.  Two lead teachers alternate months to help foster confidence, trust and understanding.  Also in the classroom are teaching assistants who help the leader facilitate the lesson and encourage imagination, exploration, and curiosity. Classes for children are held each Sunday from 9:45AM until 10:30AM and then return to their parents at the peace.

Please click here  to sign up your children.

Sunday School Programs

Frolic Learning Program – Lower Division: Potty trained 3 year olds  – Kindergarten
Preschool room 205

This fun and engaging program will take the children through a spiritual trip of 20 core Bible stories as well as age-appropriate themes: patience, prayer, friendship, and the 5 senses.  By connecting Christian faith to developmental milestones, Frolic helps lay the foundation of faith that lasts a life time.  It helps children understand God, themselves and God around them.

For more information about the Frolic program please visit: http://www.wearesparkhouse.org/kids/frolic/

Weaving God's Promises – 1st – 5th Grade
Middle Division: 1st – 2nd Grade Room 211                         Upper Division: 3rd – 5th Grade Room 203

Children learn favorite Bible stories and the practices of the Episcopal Church through Weaving God's Promises-a lectionary based program that teaches lessons with real life applications through a variety of methods (art, science, nature, games, drama, and service).  Weaving God's Promises helps children experience how God's promises of salvation are woven into our lives; show children the way of Christ, not only in the church but also in the world as Christ's ambassadors; give children a solid grounding for future learning; and fosters spiritual formation and growth in Christ's love, mercy and forgiveness.

For more information about Weaving God's Promises please visit: https://www.weavinggodspromises.org/

EYC – 6th – 12th grade

EYC, Episcopal Youth Community, is our youth group.  This group meets the first Sunday of every month after worship at 11:30am in the small chapel.  EYC members will be engaged in bible study, fellowship and service projects that will help deepen their faith and understanding of biblical lessons.

 Are you interested in sharing your talents or interests with Epiphany children? Sign up to help teach a week for any of the four age groups. All information will be provided. It's a great way to serve, grow and build as Epiphany.  Sign up to teach and learn and grow with your children!!  Caitlyn Smith dancenmom@gmail.com; Melissa Woodhead mw2992@yahoo.com.