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Giving Campaign

Dear Friends:


“In all truth I tell you, whoever believes in me will perform the same works as I do myself, and will perform even greater works than I do.” – John 14:12


Jesus believes in us, to do great things and even greater things.  We’re a faithful body of folks serving, growing and building, believing in God’s great goodness within us.  So, this past year, we took on God’s call to envision greater. 


Outreach grew greater, increasing its commitment to the weekly Food Pantry, adding a week of Hypothermia Shelter, an annual PackaThon, a mission trip and a monthly Food4Thought meals for public school kids.  Children and Family Ministries is implementing a new, Episcopal based curriculum, Weaving God’s Children, and adding a youth Sunday School.  Vacation Bible School nearly doubled in attendance.  Adult Ministries are drawing us deeper in the faith through Table Talk Bible studies and a mini-retreat.  The Friendship Café is reaching out to the neighborhood and our immediate community inviting folks to fellowship with one another.  Children, now trained as acolytes, are serving as worship leaders.  The Praise Band was born and has added singers.  Our governing body, the vestry, grew to its full capacity of twelve active, committed leaders.  As generous givers you enabled us to hire a new choir director and parish administrator.  Your abundance increased our giving to Outreach, including the clergy discretionary fund, that we may help the ever increasing population of those in need. 


God calls us to do good works.  But, what happens when God calls us to do great works? The impossible is made possible with God.   In your visioning, Epiphany hopes to increase ministries to children, youth and families as well as the elderly; provide more opportunities for fellowship and fun; grow the music ministry; deepen our faith and become better connected through the formation of small groups; continue to help one another and purposely invite more and more to serve with Epiphany.  God blesses us with an abundance.   God calls us to be good stewards of our abundance; to give generously of our resources to make God’s world known. 


Below are two pledge cards for this annual giving season.  One card invites you to pledge your time and talent and another to pledge your financial commitment.  We believe our giving is an opportunity to return to God a portion of what God has given to us.  We share our gifts and strive to tithe, to return to God 10% of our gross income, in great thanksgiving for all that God gives to us, believing that God blesses the remainder to make it more than enough. 


Prayerfully consider two things as you prepare your pledge cards.  First, ask God to bless your giving, to envision greater the works we’re called to perform as Epiphany.  May we be bold enough to believe in God asking the very best of us to be all that we can be and more.  Second, offer your pledges in thanksgiving for God’s great goodness and love and as a sign of God’s trust in us as Epiphany to envision greater the possibilities of God’s world being known through God’s abundant grace, love and mercy as Epiphany.  Consider signing up for Easy Tithe through Epiphany’s website:  www.coee.org.  Finally, upon completion, return your cards through the mail, or, feel free to offer them up by placing them in the offering plates during worship.


Thank you for your generosity.  As always, it is an honor to serve, grow and build God’s world with you!


Many blessings,



Hillary T. West