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Submit a Prayer Request

Intercessory prayer is an important part of our ministry.  When you submit a prayer request using this web page, your request will be e-mailed to the ministry leader who will forward your request to the ministry participants.  Confidentiality will be maintained within the intercessory prayer group.  

To submit a prayer request by email, click on the link below.  Please include the words "Prayer Request" in the subject line of your email. 

Submit a Prayer Request

Prayer Policy

Thank you for being a people of prayer.  We have made prayer a central part of our congregational life for our entire history together.

 You probably already know the prayer support structure that is in place for our use.  In addition to our Rector, Rev. Hillary, we have a “prayer team” comprised of people who have committed to praying for the expressed needs of this congregation.  People may request prayer by contacting Rev. Hillary, placing a card in the prayer box located in the worship space, by emailing the “prayer line” at prayers@coee.org or by contacting the church office (703-466-5200) or Ruth Skjerseth.  Requests are referred to the prayer team, currently nine of your fellow parishioners, and unless requested otherwise first names of those for whom we are praying are included in a list in the Sunday bulletin.  On the back of the bulletin each Sunday you will see a list of requested prayer concerns, and members of the congregation are invited and encouraged to take the bulletin home as a reminder to pray for the people named and congregational needs.

In addition, on many Sundays we have prayed for these people by name during the liturgical prayers of the people.  As the congregation has grown, this list has become quite long.  Recognizing the importance of each request, and our wish to honor all prayer requests, it has been decided that reading these names aloud will be done only at the monthly Celtic service.  In this contemplative atmosphere all are encouraged to listen and pray as the names are read.

  We will remove names from the prayer list after about 6 weeks, unless a long term need is known to the Rector, or until another request is made.

If you have questions or concerns about our congregational prayer please ask me [Ruth] or Rev. Hillary ..  May God bless each of us as we hold up each other, our nation and the human family in our personal and corporate prayers.

 Ruth Skjerseth