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All Saints Day Carnival


All Saints’ Day is when the Church honors those faithful followers of Christ from all times and places whose lives can serve as our models and guides. This day is connected with the belief in the Communion of Saints - that all of God's people, in heaven and on earth, are connected in one communion.

Epiphany will be celebrating this day with a Carnival, a good time for all ages, on Sunday, November 6th, starting around 11:30AM in the Worship Space. Parents are encouraged to join their kids in making the rounds of the booths and enjoying the fun.

The lives of the saints will be celebrated with themed games and kid-friendly snacks.  In a carnival style set-up, kids will punch their ticket by visiting booths where we will host easy games and activities that illustrate the good works and symbols of a wide range of saints.  At the end, kids can turn in their ticket for a special goody bag surprise.

This will also be a great way for kids of all ages to become more versed in the biographies of the saints and their purpose in our lives. The Carnival will be even more meaningful if you attend the October 23rd “All Saints Family Table Talk.” Learn about the amazing history of St. Francis of Assisi, St. Patrick, Hildegard of Bingen, St. Brigid, St. Elmo, Thomas Cranmer, and Sojourner Truth using art/illustrations, stories, and music. Families can also learn the meaning behind those honored through Feast Days in the Episcopal church calendar.  Kids will have an opportunity to make shields during the table talk, and get ideas on costumes to wear for a costume parade into Worship on Sunday, November 6th.

After a worship service focused on the communion of saints, this will be a festive event for families to celebrate the lives of saints in a fun, creative setting.


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